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A Rosr for Emily - Theme Paper
The Yellow Wallpaper Essay
A Rose For Emily

Bouquet of roses

THEME PAPER   “A Rose for Emily”


The story depicts loneliness as a desperate emotion.  Emily grew up in a small town,


 where everyone knows everyone, and part of life is to get into the lives of others. People


 gossip, like breathing to survive. The narrator speaks as the town and expresses the


 towns observations, always keeping a distance from actually being apart of Emily’s life.


 The story does not mention friends, or a mother. The story only talks of a servant, and


 two distant female cousins with no names. If one was to paint a picture depicting the


 setting, the house that at one time sat amongst others sits alone. At one time the street


 was of a high society nature and now nothing around the house is relative to its




It’s as if she didn’t want to let go of the past that gave her life substance. In the past her


 name was of aristocratic nature, than her father died and left her alone. She had trouble


 letting go and facing her solitary life. She was considered a spinster, older and not


 married. So there would not be future generations to follow. She kept her father’s picture


 a crayon drawing one that she probably made in her youth to hold on to the past.


As time passes through the story we get a feel of solitude and separation from the outside


 world. The narrator mentioned the condition of the house and how nothing had changed


 over the years. The description of the inside of the house which smelled of dust and


 disuse as if she would wipe away the dust she would wipe away the past as she wanted


 everything to stay the same. When the Board of Alderman came to the house it was if


 they were invading her world. With their visit, they express she change the ways of the

 past  to suit the times of the present. She would not bend.


She had met Homer Barron. This was her one chance for true happiness. He was a


 northerner which as a southerner was taboo to be associated with and he was a laborer.


. She took a leap into a relationship hoping that there was a future. Had the relationship


 flourished given the choice, she might have turned out a different person. First giving up


 the house and making a new life with Homer. She paraded in public with him and was


 happy. But he broke her heart and when a heart that yearns for love as she did breaks it is


 not repairable. She preferred to be alone than to be hurt again. But she was not alone, she


 preserved her relationship eternally within the tomb of her home. The murder of her


 lover was an act of desperation, because she felt that she had to hold on to him any way


 she could. And so she did. The servant was a significant character as well. He also led a


desolate life. H e would go into town and not talk to a soul. Living with Emily was dark


 and bleak. He started off a young man in the story so this depicted his life, reduced to


 desolation. This also exemplifies the life of a negro servant. He felt he had no where else


 to go.


The single rose in the title would be symbolic to one. One love, never an abundance of


 anything. Just one solitary soul and the human soul needs love. It’s what keeps the heart



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