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The Yellow Wallpaper Essay
A Rose For Emily

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Flying Geese

Iris Levenson

English 1B

My Online Critical Thinking Experience


In the beginning part of the syllabus prepared us to “Do our best” anything less is not good enough.

That is an intrecal part of my learning process. I found the guide lines for studing to be extremely

helpful. What I enjoyed about the on-line learning process, was the fact that I could fit 2 jobs and

other commitments into the learning process and get it all done. I could stretch my time on an

assignment into the night and learn in my p.j.s. I found the discussions to be fun. I liked reading

other people’s coments. This in comparrison to the classroom experience where I don’t think

discussions are that engaging because people have the self-conscience facter. I love the fact that

critical thinking allows you to analys and get into your deeper thoughts and get personal. You

worked that very successfully. The poetry segment seemed to be brief and abruptly short The

technology part from the get go was challenging, but I began to think that it was part of the

course and so you forced me to learn new functions, and I taught myself. I thank you for forcing that

on me. However I think that for the future, an online course should have prerequisites for computer

knowledge, or eliminate those kinds of assignments or offer an alternative. One more suggestion, we

have in our possession Tortilla Curtain, the whole semester. If you could give us the guidelines earlier

As to what we are looking for as we read, I know for me it would have been helpful. I understand you

want us to read the book, without stopping and take notes, but there was so much involved in that

book, almost every page, had depth and extreme significance. To do the paper, I almost had to

reread the book and frankly it was written fabulously, but it was very depressing. It definatley made

an impact on me. I was not aware of the intensity of the situation, probably because I didn’t pay

attention to the immigration problem.


The read that really impressed me (I felt they were all wonderfully written and very distinct), was

“The Yellow Wallpaper”, it was very moving to me and stirred an interst in the history of Women’s

Suffrage. In doing the research for the paper, I learned about the author, Charlotte Perkins

Gilman. She was an interesting writter and activist. I found her life and Virginia Wolfe’s were

parallel. They were both writers who wrote in similar themes. Non-conformists and unstable, both

died of suicide. I find both fascinating and so I made a new discovery. My second favorite was

“Paul’s Case”. I found the story to have so many folds to it, that one could read a lot of messages

into it and draw, your own conclusion. He was basically misunderstood and denied his identity, I t

was basically part of the era and society at that time. That inspires me to read, when one can delve

into another time and feel how life was back then in that place. I found that the issues of the time

are very similar to current issues. I loved the HERO’S JOURNEY, segment and how much I could

relate that to my own life. It became very personal and definitely added a new dimension on how to

look at a story and on life itself. It will become helpful if I was to get into story writing some day.



The course openned my eyes to hidden meanings in a writing and to delve more deeply. I learned how

to identify a metaphor, and symbolism. The course helped me to organize my thoughts and put a

story into a new perspective. I liked how you allowed us to interpret through our own personal

thoughts. I learned how to build a web site. I taught myself. I am finding patience and I am also

learning that you can do anything you put your mind to. The course helped me to broaden my

senses, when I read. I feel good that I was introduced to some new authors. I broaden my knowledge

in the litary world, in that respect. I made some new discoveries about my likes and dislikes in

different types of writing. I found it difficult to communicate over the internet. I express my self, to

strongly. Perhaps it would work in a dramatic novel. I would like to try my hand at writing. It’s

been a dream of mine. I feel my weaknesses were identifying the hidden meaning in the story and

the courses has broadened my senses in that regard.




































































































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